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According to estate agents, the bathroom is the second most important room in the house, after the kitchen. Many a potential homebuyer will turn thumbs down on a house they otherwise loved if they are not impressed with the bathroom. At Crouch Design, we understand that completely. The bathroom is more than just a place to shower, shave and freshen up. It’s a true refuge from an increasingly demanding and intrusive world, a place where people can let their hair down and recharge their batteries. When the door closes behind you in the bathroom it’s an experience with no parallel.

Peerless Bathroom Design: Crouch Design

The bathroom presents unique challenges that test the mettle of the designer. Myriad considerations are simultaneously in play, including functionality, safety, comfort, aesthetic appeal and how to balance all those things against the presence of high humidity and water, so much water. If bathroom design is to succeed the designers and fitters need to have years of experience and a high degree of expertise. If they don’t, the end product will be little more than a random collection of elements with an exhaust fan and a towel rack. At Crouch Design, bathrooms are in our blood.

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Whether your home is centuries old or brand new, whether it is Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, mid-century modern or 21st-century postmodern, we can craft a kitchen table for you that will be the perfect complement to your kitchen design. We use only the finest materials and handcraft every table to exacting tolerances. Each of our tables is built to stand the test of time from both an aesthetic and practical point of view and will become an instant heirloom the moment it is delivered to your home.

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Bathroom design involves so much more than new tiles and fixtures. There is a lot at stake including the overall value of your home and the quality of your day to day experience. Don’t waste your money on untested designers and inexperienced fitters. Call the professionals at Crouch Design instead.


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