A Functional and Beautiful Boot Room

If you have the space for a boot room, you would be mad not to take advantage of it in our opinion. Boot rooms are not a fashion statement (although they easily can be if that’s what you desire!), they perform a vital function for homeowners in more remote areas who need an area where they can shed their boots and muddy outdoor clothing before setting foot inside the main reception rooms of their home. Our experienced designers and joiners can create a bespoke boot room for your home that looks great, is eminently practical and easy to maintain too.

Custom Storage Units for Beautiful Boot Rooms

There are a number of modular boot room storage systems available, around which a functional space can be built without too many difficulties. However, if you would like a room that is designed to meet your specific needs and preferences, bespoke furnishings are the only way to achieve this aim. Our highly experienced joiners can design and build storage units that are tailored to meet your needs with ease. Just let us know what you require and we will plan the room and furnishings accordingly. The materials we use and the design of the units themselves can be anything you desire.

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Boot Room

Our boot room design and build service is a turn-key service, which means we take care of everything from the initial planning, all the way through to the final decorating and cleaning at the end of the project. To make sure your boot room is perfect for your home, we will carefully consider every single detail. The storage units may be the most important component but the lighting, seating and flooring will add the finishing touches and bring the whole design together into one coherent whole.


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