Bespoke Luxury TV Stands in Surrey by Crouch Design

There was a time not too long ago when the TV seemed like it was on its last legs. But a funny thing happened, people stopped going to the cinema as much, and instead discovered the joy of streaming movies and premium TV content into their homes and onto their enormous Ultra-High Definition TVs. After all, why bother with parking, noisy cinema-goers and £5 popcorn when you can sit back on your own sofa and watch your favourite films in peace and quiet with people you care about? But now that the TV is back from the dead (and bigger than ever) it needs a suitable platform to hold it. That’s where we come in.

Bespoke TV Stands for all Kinds of Homes

The TV is back and this time it looks like it’s here to stay. However, today’s flat-screen UHD TVs dwarf their predecessors with screens that are routinely 60 inches across and bigger. Not only that, but many of today’s best plasma TVs can cost thousands of pounds, so where you place it is important. Any platform must do your investment aesthetic justice while also ensuring it has a rock-solid stand that won’t fail. But even if your TV did not cost as much as your car you still want to protect your investment and integrate it seamlessly with your decor. And bespoke TV Stands from Crouch Design are how you do that.

When a TV Stand Alone is Not Enough

Sometimes you want a TV stand, and sometimes you want something more. We also create bespoke media walls that provide a safe comfortable home for your flat screen TV as well as your expensive speaker system, stereo system, artwork, book collection, cherished photos and more. A media wall is the perfect match for a home entertainment centre bringing everything together in one attractive, convenient well-organised unit.

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