A Utility Room You Can Be Proud of

Your utility room may never be the most elegant or opulent room in your home but there is no reason it has to look so bad that you daren’t let anyone outside your immediate family see it. We believe that a utility room can be both visually appealing and practical, and we would like to show just you how this is possible.

Our design team have created hundreds of beautiful utility rooms over the years, using the same principles they apply to kitchen design and, in many cases, the same cabinetry and work surfaces too. In fact, one very easy way to make your utility room more appealing is to coordinate it with your kitchen, using the same colour schemes and cabinet designs. However, we can take things much further than this for clients who want a really special utility room, by designing custom cupboards and furnishings that make the most of the available space and look fantastic too.

Simple, Clean Designs for Beautiful and Functional Utility Rooms

Whilst opulence and ornamentation may be out of place in the average utility room, our design team would love to show you how you can make your own utility room a beautiful, easy-to-maintain space. Following simple, classic design principles for functional rooms in residential properties, our experienced designers can create a space for you that is so much more than just somewhere to hide your dirty laundry.

Whether you already have your own ideas for what you would like to do with your utility room or you would like us to start with a clean slate and create a beautiful new design for you, we will be more than happy to help. And having created the perfect design, our team of expert joiners can build new cabinets and cupboards for your utility room that will really set it apart from any other utility room you have ever seen.


Let’s discuss your project and make your dream home a reality. Contact us today to arrange a free design consultation.