A Wine Room Designed by Experts

Whether you are an enthusiastic oenophile or you simply like to keep a good stock of wine in your home, a dedicated wine room is a must. For properties with a basement, a wine cellar is often the best option but if you don’t have a basement, an above grade wine room with climate control will serve equally well. We can design a wine room to your personal specifications if you already know exactly what you want. Alternatively, we will be happy to help you choose the best layout and features for your new wine room if you would like our professional advice.

The Key to a Successful Wine Room Design

There are many components that go toward the making of a decent wine room but in our experience, the most important is insulation. Without effective insulation, you will be unable to maintain your wine room at the optimal temperature range for wine storage, which will defeat the whole purpose of having a wine room in the first place. For this reason, we recommend a survey of the space you have in mind first, so we can check for air leaks, examine the existing insulation and include the cost of new insulation in our proposal if necessary.

Storage Space and Temperature Control

Having surveyed the space you wish us to convert into a wine room, we can discuss storage options and temperature control. Our joiners can make cabinets, shelving and wine racks to your specifications so you can be sure that the storage units we install will be perfect for the type of wines you wish to store. Our design team can specify HVAC equipment that will keep the room at the perfect temperature all year round and we can, of course, install it for you too.

If you would like us to prepare a proposal for your new wine room, please feel free to get in touch whenever you have a little time to spare.


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