An Alternative to Everyday Kitchen Showrooms in Cobham | Crouch Design

When looking to upgrade kitchens, replace furniture, or incorporate useful fixtures and fittings such as media units within your home, there are a number of options that present themselves. You could visit high street kitchen showrooms and homeware retailers around Cobham, and hope that something which suits your interior design scheme presents itself. Or you could take matters into your own hands, recruiting a skilled designer of bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units to make your dream item or installation a reality…

Why Crouch Design?

Luxury Made Attainable – When the term “bespoke kitchens” gets tabled, many instantly brush off the idea as too expensive. They believe that the pre-fabricated suites on offer at kitchen showrooms in Cobham and its surrounds are affordable, but overestimate how affordable custom work from a company like Crouch Design can really be. This is certainly also the case with bespoke furniture and media units, with many never even considering these ideas, and instead opting for items straight out a catalogue. In fact, we place a strong emphasis on making luxury, bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units affordable for Cobham residents of various means.

Decades of Experience at Your Disposal – Ours is a small team of expert designers and joiners who share decades of industry experience. And while many throughout the UK who, like us, build bespoke kitchens and bespoke furniture, such as media units, are somewhat guarded about sharing what they’ve learned over the years, Crouch Design lives by a different creed. Working closely with our clients, we go above and beyond what you might expect from kitchen showrooms around Cobham, taking the time to help you develop your ideas and strike upon a finished product that leaves nothing to be desired.

Avoiding the Average – Perhaps the most common reason Cobham residents choose Crouch Design to deliver them bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units is that by bringing in a design specialist, you avoid average, passé, or dime-a-dozen interiors. And while not without their strengths – after all there’s a reason why homeware and kitchen showrooms have particular best sellers – many want something one of a kind, something tailored to their unique vision, something which is an extension of their own personality, history, and relationship with a property. With Crouch Design, that’s exactly what you can achieve.

Cobham residents considering investing in bespoke kitchens or furniture can find true excellence on display at Crouch Design. Contact us today on 01372 417 917 to arrange a consultation.