Tailored to Your Unique Tastes, Beautiful Bespoke Kitchens in Oxshott | Crouch Design

When Oxshott residents pass on the kinds of generic suites found in typical kitchen showrooms, and instead task Crouch Design with the implementation of brand new and bespoke kitchens tailored to their precise requirements, many avenues open up ahead. In many ways, it’s the same for bespoke furniture and media units, two other areas we specialise in. Suddenly, rather than having to try and force fixtures and fittings work within your property, you have our designers to seamlessly integrate them. But, before this can happen, a number of decisions need to be made…

Design Considerations

Smart Storage – One of the biggest complaints that both typical kitchen showrooms and design specialists receive from prospective clients is that existing kitchens lack space for storage. It’s no wonder why, as it can lead to serious clutter and a frustrating experience for the many keen cooks that call Oxshott home. That’s why our team are here to help design bespoke kitchens which meet individuals’ specific needs. Our media units, tailored to safely and conveniently house the particular devices that you use, and our bespoke furniture, built to snugly fit homes and neither overwhelm or be dwarfed by a space, also incorporate these design considerations. For this reason, space and how you wish the end product to relate to it should be firmly held in mind.

Open Space – Some kitchens simply don’t work as well as they should because they fail to incorporate walk ways and the kinds of open space you need when regularly using kitchens; especially busy ones. That’s why we urge Oxshott residents to avoid purchasing busy, bulky suites from kitchen showrooms which are more likely to lead to bumped knees, elbows and the hollering of curses, than a smooth, enjoyable user experience. Bespoke kitchens, as planned and installed by Crouch Design, can strike the balance between “room to move” and “lost in space”.

Light, Shadow, Texture, Shape – Over the years, there has been a creeping trend of bland uniformity, both with kitchens and many interior fittings; even bespoke furniture and media units, not that this isn’t an approach which sometimes pays dividends. But the glory of bespoke kitchens, furniture and media units, is that you can get creative and play with offsetting colours, intriguing shapes/textures and the play of light and shadow. The new fixtures and fittings to be established in your Oxshott home can be eye-catching and exciting, and not just a wall of white, with uniform partitions.

Choose Oxshott’s Crouch Design and you will receive expert advice and assistance while journeying toward the final goal: you enjoying brand new bespoke kitchens or bespoke furniture! Book a consultation on 01372 417 917.