Bespoke Kitchens in Tunbridge Wells | Crouch Design

Many of our favourite projects, bespoke kitchens that have gone above and beyond and taken pride of place at the forefront of our expansive portfolio, have been projects completed in Tunbridge Wells. We’ve also been lucky enough to be commissioned to craft bespoke furniture and media units for residents of this thriving Kent locale, helping elevate interiors, and clients to make the most out of their homes.

A sizeable portion of these completed projects have been for those valuing a contemporary style. It comes as no surprise; visit high street kitchen showrooms in Tunbridge Wells and its surrounds, or homeware shops selling things like media units and general furniture, and a significant amount of floor space will be dedicated to suites and products which are distinctly modern in character.

What it Means to be Contemporary

But the terms modern and contemporary are very quickly applied this way and that, without much thought to what they truly mean. Does modern merely mean clean lines, subtle tones, and a strong emphasis placed on clever, integrated storage and practicality? We think not, as many of the traditional bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units found in Tunbridge Wells properties we’ve attended to can tick these boxes, without losing their essential character.

To us, contemporary is something less strictly definitional: it’s a guiding principal, allowing us to complement any individual’s existing interior design scheme. Contemporary bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units can be what you want them to be, and don’t have to merely parrot modern trends which interior design magazines and trendsetters decide to latch upon.

Rules, in this case, are made to be broken – and that’s the beauty of bespoke. You can receive something that will fit the idiosyncrasies of your Tunbridge Wells property, combining your favourite modern trends, with unique ideas which may simply work for your space.

Sleek, stylish worktops and cabinets making up bespoke kitchens, eye-catching and intriguing designs when it comes to bespoke furniture, and the play of minimalism and seamless practicality with our media units – yet so much more, or, to put it another way: exactly what you’re looking for. That’s what contemporary means to us at Crouch Design.

Whether it’s contemporary bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture or media u nits you’re looking to integrate within your Tunbridge Wells home, bring in Crouch Design. To discuss your ideas, call 01372 417 917 today.