Timeless, Bespoke Kitchens in Weybridge | Crouch Design

We all know how contemporary kitchen designs have been en vogue for some time now, and many visiting kitchen showrooms around Weybridge see them dominate the floor. But what if your tastes don’t align quite align with these overtly “modern” sensibilities? Crouch Design welcomes you to consider our bespoke kitchens – and likewise our bespoke furniture and media units – which can combine timeless traditionalism with the kinds of practical advancements made possible by developments in materials and techniques over recent years.

Warm, Traditional, Yours…

How to define traditional, when it seems so abstract, and resists becoming just a set of solid signifiers? Well, we should start with what traditional means to us, here in Weybridge; it’ll certainly be different to what traditional means to those in Brussels, Berlin, Beijing or even Ballymore… Here, tradition often means warm colours: solid oak cabinetry, brass handles, taps and exposed pipework, worktops of granite or quartz, and so on. What’s unifies these elements and makes us think “tradition”? Depth, a richness, a cosy comfort which soothes on rainy autumnal afternoons; a charm which soaks up the sun to take on new and yet unseen hues on summer eves.

With all this sounding so lovely, why have these kinds of kitchens fallen somewhat out of favour? Why are they less common to find at Weybridge kitchen showrooms? Our theory is that due to being less uniform, they need to be bespoke kitchens – the kinds we offer at Crouch Design. They need to be tailored to you, as they are less a “blank slate” which will merely sit in the background, letting other interior elements do the talking. Our traditional bespoke kitchens have a lot to say, and this is part of the reason they’re so coveted by discerning clients in and around Weybridge.

Bespoke Furniture & Media Units

Speaking of “other interior elements”, what if you wish to include traditionalist furniture, or fixtures like media units in your home? We can also help here, designing and building bespoke furniture to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit within your home. And while media units certainly weren’t a common feature of a 19th century Weybridge home, they have so many similarities with book shelves and similar features which were, that it isn’t difficult for us to help you blend your aesthetic preferences and taste for the classical, while accommodating modern appliances such as televisions, hi-fis and speakers.

For traditional, bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units designed to your specifications, and seamlessly fitted in your Weybridge home, call Crouch Design on 01372 417 917.