We Design & Fit Stunning, Bespoke Kitchens in Esher | Crouch Design

Many looking to invest in their homes head to kitchen showrooms in Esher and its surrounds, looking for inspiration. And unfortunately, they often find themselves disillusioned with the kind of ready-made solutions they find on offer. Others do the same when looking for new furniture, or media units to help elevate their interiors. Again, at homeware retailers they find the same uninspiring items which, in their eyes, simply wouldn’t fit in their home.

This is where the beauty of bespoke comes to the fore, a beauty we at Crouch Design are delighted to embrace and foster on behalf of our Esher clients. Whether in the form of stunning bespoke kitchens, clever custom media units, or the type of bespoke furniture which passes through generations attached to fabled stories and a shared appreciation for comfort, we ensure that the investment you’re making in your home delivers maximum value, and isn’t just an off-the-shelf kind of generic that proves a little disappointing every time you lay eyes on it.

Why Go Bespoke?

There are two core reasons why bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units deliver more value than those bought straight from homeware stores and kitchen showrooms. Firstly, there’s the matter of interior design and aesthetics. We’ve all been in areas of a Esher home where there feels to be little to no unifying theme or sense of aesthetic consistency. When you go bespoke, artisans can craft features which precisely match existing design elements, or totally reimagine the overall approach you’re going for. They will avoid the fate of seeming like the odd element out of a particular room.

Secondly: practicality. Generic items often won’t fit in the space you’re assigning them, at least not perfectly, even if you’ve taken precise measurements. Our bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture and media units are made-to-measure for a seamless, space saving end result. They’ll also be tailored to how you wish to use it. For example, media units can be designed in a way to precisely cradle and protect the specific devices you use. And the types of kitchens we offer as alternatives to suites on offer at kitchen showrooms will cater to your lifestyle. Bakers with lots of different utensils will find all the storage they need, and those around Esher with a penchant for entertaining in their kitchens won’t find space lacking when guests arrive.

For stunning bespoke kitchens, designed and expertly installed within your Esher home, call Crouch Design on 01372 417 917.